Any of these designs can be yours, or you can create your own!
We are only limited by your imagination!!
Believe it or not, this is concrete!!!
The Concrete Artists!
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This is Affordable Luxury

Don't cover your concrete with anything else but Concrete Magic!!

Virtually Unlimited Design

Our decorative concrete overlay systems are designed "from the slab up" with you in mind. We take that dull, boring concrete that everyone has and transform it into an amazing work of art that you will want to show to everyone you know!

Easy to Maintain

Unlike many of the flooring designs we are able to mimick, our decorative concrete floors are extremely easy to care for. Interior floors can be cleaned with a dust mop, Swiffer® sweeper, broom, or wet mop for heavier soiling. Exterior surfaces can simply be hosed off!

Incredibly Durable

As mentioned in our name, our floors are concrete, meaning they will hold up over time far better than most other flooring types, with far less upkeep. Our floors won't scratch or be damaged from water like hardwood, bust like tile and grout, or look cheap and wear like most vinyl options. Our floors look and feel like the real thing, hold up over time, and are incredibly beautiful!

Green Marble Tile
Rustic Barnwood Porch
Concrete Wood Garage Floor

I can't believe how realistic my floors look, it's amazing! -Satisfied Concrete Magic customer

For years people have used concrete to create durable surfaces without many decorative options. No longer! We can now resurface and overlay your existing concrete slabs, new (at least 28 days old) or old. While some floors are damaged beyond repair, in most cases we can take your dull slab and bring it to life! Limited only by your imagination, we can give that extra WOW factor to your porch, driveway, basement, garage, patio, pool deck or man cave, raising the value of your home by thousands, and it's incredibly durable! We can also overlay visible foundation walls around the bottom of your house or wing walls for walk out basements! Nearly infinite color options and many different finishes available, textured or smooth, and professionally sealed with the highest quality sealers! This is Affordable Luxury!! We perform Concrete Magic!!

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We are a family owned and operated business built on quality, integrity, innovation and artistry. As such, we can never be less than our best, and we want to personally thank you for your interest in our product.

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